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A native of Toronto, Canada, Steve Silverman is a Canadian award-winning,fine art photographer with a keen and unique artistic vision. His love and appreciation for black and white photography are reflected in his dramatic landscapes and engaging cityscapes from across Canada.

Steve’s photos are visual metaphors. They are an intimate, interpretive vision of the world around him. He creates implied comparisons that forge links between the mundane and the sublime. His technique of photo impressionism serves to evoke mood and emotion rather than capturing the literal representation of a scene or landscape.


He will often use strong tonal contrast and textures in his photos, and his style is easily recognizable by his use of strong leading lines combined with the interplay of light and shadows to create depth, giving a two-dimensional image the illusion of three dimensions. Simply put, he can transform a simple, banal scene into a compelling black & white fine art photograph.


Steve’s photos have been published internationally in books and magazines. He is also a guest speaker at local GTA camera clubs. Steve works in conjunction with several Canadian art galleries and publishers on a variety of corporate and home decor fine art projects.

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